Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Constantly Shooting

I am picking up the camera at every opportunity, at the slightest inclination. This is my process for overcoming my innate Film Frugality. I spent so many years carefully shooting only what I deemed absolutely worthwhile that it is hard to be fast and loose with images. It's ingrained to worry about the amount of film I am using, the expense of film and processing and avoiding, at all costs, wasting film. Today I had an excellent opportunity to shoot like mad. A cow moose with calf in tow found the frozen Halloween pumpkins on my porch and spent half an hour gnawing on them---pumpkin popcicles. I took my Canon and shot over 40 (frames?) images at all angles that I could get. I could feel the nagging knowledge that it wasn't the BEST shot, but kept going anyway. On review, several images are very bizarre, but good, quirky composition.

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