Thursday, February 03, 2005

Have Camera, Will Travel...

I bought a Canon Powershot A95 as my first digital camera. I wanted a model that had all of the basics for point and shoot, yet still went a little higher and farther in quality to do more. I needed a camera that could also create art without worry over resolution loss and document finished artwork with excellent image quality for gallery submissions.
I am totally happy with the camera so far. I take it everywhere I go and find myself shooting in the public library, classes and constantly at home. I've mostly been exploring the results given with different white balance. I love being able to take dozens of shots without the nagging feeling that I could be wasting film. One of my ever-present concerns with my old Nikon is that there is a finite amount of film (and money to process it) and that I must be very frugal and careful with what I have.
A side-benefit of the digital camera's review function and LCD screen is communication: take photos and later be able to show the experience, encounter, image to people.
I believe that this camera is re-awakening my interest in Photography. After several frustrating years in professional darkroom work and a bad health scare due to poisonous photo chemicals, I had just about given up on photo as a favored art form. Digital photography really jumps over my problems with traditional darkroom work. A relief.

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Carol said...

I'm excited for you about the new camera! You captured my feelings exactly...I love being able to shoot with abandon, without worrying about the cost of film or processing!