Monday, March 07, 2005

Wild shooting in the wilderness

March 6th I skied 2 hours out to a remote site---an abandoned gold dredge! This expedition was a fabulous outing to test the limits of my Canon Powershot A95 as an "Adventure Camera." During the trip, I shot over 50 images in all lighting conditions imaginable, everything from bright sunlight reflecting off of snow to the deep shadows inside the dredge, skiers flying by on the trail and old mining buildings covered in snow and obscured by brush. I learned a lot about my camera's abilities and limitations. I found out that my camera does have a tendency to have chromatic aberrations when I photograph very dramatic light changes---it's a purplish glow distortion at the edge of brightly lit areas. Also, my camera is unforgiving when I try to shoot low-light situations without a tripod! 90% of shots inside the dredge were out of focus. (Next time: ski in with tripod strapped to backpack.) Additionally, it's hard to read my LCD in bright sun. The great benefit of this camera is that it is light and small---easy to haul out anytime and take 20 shots of anything.

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