Monday, February 27, 2006

The Craft Table Challenge...

Here is is: my addition to the Craft Table Challenge...
(Bear with me...I'm still learning all of this linking stuff...)

My desk is in my art studio at home...

Items on it:
3-ring research binder with info. on leaf miner moths, art exhibits, art grants, art websites, fellow artists, etc. etc.
library books: "How to Paint Skin Tones" and "Drawing in Ink"
current gouache painting (a very frustrating, slow moving one but with oodles of promise)
watercolors, gel mediums, paints,
pens, brushes, scissors,
art supplies box (the one my grandmother gave was hers)
paper towels, hand-carved stamps,
paint water in ceramic bowl made by an artist friend,
sketchbook of every idea that graces
my fevered brain,

Above the desk:
Art show reminder info, (yes, Gwen, there's a picture of a slug up there on the wall...)

cryptic notes to self only I can read,
Lists... I love lists...I make new, delightful lists everyday...

Below the desk:
30 gal. container bulging with fabric,
photographic lightbox,
cat sleeping bed,
art files...

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bugheart said...

yeah! craft table challenge!
is that a picture of a slug on the wall!?!?!

bugheart said...

speaking of art shows... check out the death penalty art show johnny is going to enter... i may enter it too.

Jay said...

Wow... I LOVE your creative space!
A lot of people have commented on my craft table (even though I haven't pictured it well as you have yours) and I have just thought to myself "it's not all that flash, what's the big deal?", but I think it's more a case of someone else's creative space is always going to be more interesting than your won. The simple reason for this (to me) is that you know your space and what you have going and what creative processes are being worked there... with someone else's craft space there is the joy of discovery, the exciment of anticipation and that buzz of creativity that you take for granted with yourself.
Well done... I love it! I want to know more about your research binder!