Saturday, March 11, 2006

Found words

In the kitchen window...

These are letters I found at my local
Transfer Station. They're painted gold with a
foam backing...must've been some sort of
store title. There are only 16 letters, so I am
far short of a full alphabet, and some letters
What was the original wording? Who knows.
I have these words placed all over the house.
Fromage loves to change them around when
I am not looking...

If you are wondering:
The Transfer Station is the city's name for
the re-use area of the public dumpsters.
I live in an area where the population is spread
out and often have difficult roads summer and
winter. There are areas set up by the city
with 10-20 dumpsters each for folks to drop off
their trash which the city then collects. A spark
of genius somewhere included a covered platform
where one can drop off useful items and peruse
what others have left. Often, it is a trashy mess,
but I have found many, MANY wonderful gems
in the trash. There is no recycling where I live,
which makes me want to alternately cry
and scream...
The Transfer Stations are a small step in the
right direction.
Some people call it Treasure Island.

Sadly, many excellent things are just thrown
directly into the dumpsters. Yes, I admit it
proudly: I am a dumpster diver. My best
find directly from a dumpster was a 5 1/2'
clawfoot bathtub which is now happily
ensconced in my house...sure, it needed a
little repair, but I figure it saved me at
least $500 even for a used one...maybe
up to $2,000 for a new one.

I'll post a picture of the Transfer Station
next time, so you can get an
idea of what it looks like....

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bugheart said...

ooh definately post a picture of the transfer station... and your transfer station finds!
have you tried to see what you could spell with all the letters... i bet there is a mathematical program for that! heh!