Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday, March 21st

I was a badass as a teenager...
This is me, 15 years old in London, 1987.
I LOVED London. I felt like I had
found my place in the world....I didn't
want to leave.

I bought the leather jacket I am wearing
during that trip. I found it used...and paid
80 quid for it, which was an astronomical
sum, given the exchage rate at the time.
My mother was with me.
She saw me buying it and said,
"It's a piece of crap!"
(My Mom never minces words.)
The sales lady, who had blue hair,
lipstick and long blue fingernails
leaned over the counter and said,
just to me,
"It's a beautiful jacket."
I loved her for that.

I wore this coat constantly...
When I was 17 I tore the right elbow on
a nail at a party at a friend's cabin.
The leather tore like tissue...
Of course, I carefully sewed it up.

19 Years later.
I still have the beautiful jacket.

It still fits me, too.
I am 34 and still a little badass... Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

bugheart said...

girrrl - you are not a little bad-ass...
you are the queen of bad-ass...
well maybe not when doing construction. heh.
i love that old picture of you! wow, so cool!
i would've wanted to hang out with you
but you would have had nothing to do with me
i was 13 and kind of a goody two-shoes...