Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday March 28th

I have the hands of a little gorilla; short, thick
fingers, small, flat nails, square palms and callouses.
My hands were made for working in the dirt.
For months out of every year my hands are
crusted with dirt from my greenhouse job.
I love my tough little hands.
They'll never be graced with long,
beautiful nails or gem studded rings,
but they are emminently useful, tough and strong,
which I think is vastly more important.

(In art college, one of my nicknames was,
"the Little Fist" because I had these little gorilla
hands and I rode a motorcycle.)

These mitts dig in the dirt, run a chainsaw,
haul firewood, etc.,
but they also do beadwork, embroidery,
hand quilting, detailed drawing, knitting....
and don't forget the 15 years of classical violin...
They may look lumpy and inelegant,
but they are supremely agile. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

bugheart said...

i have always thought you had the most beautiful hands... i even have an old picture of them...
i love your nickname "the little fist" it is so appropriate... i will have to start calling you that!