Saturday, April 01, 2006

Phyllocnistis populiella...say it fast 10 times

Leaf miner moths...
I am fascinated by the mazes they create as
the larvae chew their way through the
slurpy, spongy mesophyll of an aspen leaf.
I can hardly wait until the aspens around
my house leaf-out to see what the busy buggers
do this year...
Artwork continues at a rapid pace on this series.
This is a watercolor/ink drawing, 22"x15"
which doesn't show half of the painstaking work
that went into it.
Pretty clean and 'design-y' for me...
I tend to get heavily into surface texture,
collage and scumbling these days.
Which leads me to give a shout out to the
most wonderfull paper in the world:
Strathmore 400 series cold press watercolor paper...
This stuff can take it!
Acrylics, rough brushwork, layers and layers of
gouache and watercolor, glues, gel mediums...
you name it.
It can suck it up and keep it in with nary a
surface pill from all of that brushwork.
...and it's not very expensive.
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Lillian said...

beautiful work, love the combination of media

bugheart said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!
i am so impressed!!!