Saturday, April 08, 2006

Transfer Station finds: April 8th

Okay---it's time for a real blog entry about the wonders of the
Transfer Station! In a previous post, I gave the general information: a covered platform at the local public dumpster sites where folks can leave useable items and also pick them up. Yes, it's still the dump, so things get quite a bit messy and stinky, but for a born scavenger like me, it's the thrill of the hunt!
Here is a photo of it, above. Piles of crap, the ubiquitous washing machine, two people unloading a worn sofa, etc. Clothes left here always end up scattered on the ground (some people just don't know how to be tidy) and there are always worn shoes, dirty children's toys, spilled motor oil and ugly christmas decorations.
I look for specific items when I go to the TS.
Right now, it's:
1. Scrap lumber to build raised garden beds, (I'll have to get this directly from a dumpster...)
2. Junked windows (glass intact) for my patchwork greenhouse (ooohhh, my plans for that
are so exciting!) and
3. Baby dolls--or parts thereof. (I've been invited to a new art exhibit...more about that in
another post.)

Of course, when scavenging, I can't limit myself to being too specific....
At the transfer station, there is just some luck and fate involved and you have to go often and see what's what. I hit one TS every day, I think...

Today I went after work, so here are a few of my finds:

Books in really good condition that I can trade in at the local used book store. (I might keep the Bonsai books, plant girl that I am...)

A freaky blond wig that could be really fun to use in some bizarre art project....

A green camp chair, complete with footrest! It's got some stains on it which look like watered
down paint----doesn't stink at all, so I'll clean it up later today. I have several of these camp chairs, all from the dump, and one even is a camp rocking chair. (Who the heck ever designed that? Didn't they observe that most ground in ye olde wilderness is rough and uneven?) This is my first chair with footrest, however.

Springtime is the BEST time to hunt the Transfer Stations. The snow is melting all across town and all kinds of detritus is washed up from winter's retreat. Spring cleaning is serious business here, and the TS starts hopping with leavers and takers. I am a little of both.

Back to the studio and the serious business of making art.

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Anonymous said... looks so different in the snow.
i will keep an eye out for doll parts at the village.
i am really into tearing out music mechanisms
from oldjewelry boxes if you find any!

bugheart said...

that was me above!

Andrew Parkerson-Gray said...

I scored a ping-pong table, complete with net, paddles, and balls!

lili-bo-nilly said...

My best transfer station score was two wooden birch bowls that retail in town for $50 each! Woo hoo!!

debt consolidation said...
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