Monday, May 15, 2006

Abandoned places....May 15

This beautiful old building is only accessed by trail...
I found it 2 winters ago on a ski trip.
Possibly a bath house? There was rudimentary
plumbing...very rare for a mining camp building.
The snow was above our knees as we waded our way
into the building. Nothing inside but a few rusted
pipes and warped floor boards. There was an
exterior stairway to the second floor, but
it was heavy with snow and pulling away from
the side of the building.....didn't attempt it.
I'd like to hike in and see it in the summertime... Posted by Picasa


Lili-Bo-Nilly said...

Take us with you! Although I imagine the mosquitoes will be quite friendly there in the summer time.

bugheart said...

it would be wonderful
for pictures!