Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Phyllocnistis Chiromancy"

My work on the aspen leaf miner moth
art series continues unabated. I am loving
the new, unusual ideas this subject has engendered.
Along with the 'moth eaten' portraits, I'm working
on a few different artworks using images of
larvae-mined hands. In the actual leaf mines, one can
observe how the moth larvae have eaten around
the leaf ribs, how they alter the track of the wee
caterpillar inside. I began seeing the lines of the palms
as similar stable lines akin to the leaf ribs....and thus...

Also, in working with the images of meandering mazes,
I've been thinking alot about life-pathways and life efforts.
Where our seemingly and not so seemingly random decisions
take us. What our search for sustenance and happiness
might inscribe on the world... The lines of the palm (and
palmistry, entire) are a divination of how we live our
lives and are meant to live our lives...supposedly. I've
been drawing the leaf miner mines on top of images of
palms to see where the lines intersect with the fate line, the
heart line, the love line....
Just playing around with an intriguing idea.
I've promised 6 artworks to the "Arctic Science and Art"
exhibit coming up this September----but with the
avalanche of good ideas the leaf miner reasearch has given
me, it'll be easy to offer more pieces of the show needs them.
Always a good thing. Posted by Picasa


bugheart said...

i really think the plam pieces
are fantastic...
especially since there is
such a perfect connection
with life lines
on a palm...
can't wait to see more!

bugheart said...

plam pieces!
plammity plaaaaaaaaaam!