Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Transfer Station Finds....up to May 10

Transfer station finds are often practical and
kind of boring.....but useful! I got a clean book of
lined paper, some To/From Christmas stickers
(in seven months, I'll be tickled to have them),
and a roll of tape still in the packaging.

This work bench was IN a dumpster and it was a
real struggle to get it out! I did though, and Frommage
is very happy to have it. (I always bring him good
dumster takes a special husband to appreciate
this.)He reinforced the corners to
make the bench a little more stable and already has it
installed in his work shed.

A funky painting I might alter in a fit of humor, if
I ever have the time for 'frivolous' painting. It's pretty
dirty, and I haven't yet cleaned it off to see how good
the colors are...
I had a friend at college in Seattle who found a bunch of paintings
in a dumpster which he hauled out, took home and added to. He
brought them to a painting class critique and billed them
as 'collaborations' between himself and the original painter,
who had signed them. Pretty nifty thing to do, I thought at
the time. He's an ass-kicking painter nowadays and his
name is JoePosted by Picasa



I have found many great treasures dumpster diving. Last week I found a whole roll of primed canvas.


bugheart said...

have you seen the show
at wurst gallery?
check it out here.