Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday Art Update

A new tradition...
The Wednesday Art Update!
This will keep ya'll informed as to my
current work and progress thereon.
The painting above, a detail of it,
another study in blues...
Just started this week.
(It's bad luck to show a painting in process,
but if I show just a little bit of it, it's okay. It's like
if you are going to write a story---if you tell someone
the entire story, you drain off it's power and you never
write it. Same thing with painting. No sneak peeks.)

I've been invited to another art show in June!
The title is "New Talent 10" and I'll be exhibiting
with several other local artists that I consider
talented and interesting: I'm in good company.
My other show in June is also a group exhibit...
"Doll." Haven't started work on that yet, but
research for it is going well.

This red painting begun just this week excites the
heck out of me. It's gonna be a doozie. I can feel it.

A quilt begun for my longtime friend S.
I wish her health and happiness....this quilt
will be my way of sending her
some powerful health mojo.
Pix of it when finished, I promise.
(After I send it to S., of course, she gets the
first look...)
I used to be a dedicated quilter...
I've gotten busy with other things in the past few
years. Putting just this small strip together really
made me realize again how much I love this
art/craft form.

Here is some real ART. My white phalaenopsis
blooms again. I think it's been um....2003?...since
this moth orchid bloomed. Sure, Phals are the
'common' orchid....but this one just makes my
heart sing. I have 10 orchids and a few of the others
have bloom spikes right now as exciting.
I bought this orchid at a Fred Meyer after Valentine's Day
in 2003, my very first orchid.
It was sick and neglected and marked 50% off. I took it
home, did hours of research on Phals and orchids in general.
I gave it everything I could in repotting it, environment, temps, humidity,
watering, fertilizing and...
voila! It's a big, beautiful, thriving beauty. Multiple leaves,
massive root growth, and blossoms to show it's happiness. Posted by Picasa

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