Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday Art Update....

This painting is skipping right along. I've learned a
technique for 'listening' to a painting. If I can set the
painting up across the room from me--at least 10 feet
away--I'll spend some minutes looking at it intensely and
it'll tell me what it needs. I must then DO IT,
whatever the instructions are---more red here,
darker there, a few lines here, etc. etc.,
without second-guessing myself or the painting. This
shutting-up of my doubts, the 'inner critic,' any
natural uncertainties, was the hardest thing to accomplish.
It's proved a great asset, though.
A year ago I created 12 paintings for a show in 4 weeks:
painted, matted and framed them myself and hung the
show with time to spare. I learned during that month
to make quick, decisive progress with paintings and not
let myself screw around with doubts or confusion. I
carefully laid out my plan of painting medium, framing
materials, sizes and number of artworks to accomplish.
Very methodical, very organized.
It worked.

Of course, during that month, there were a few paintings
that fell flat. About half way through, I could sense that
there really wasn't any life to the heartbeat.
Also, it wasn't saying wasn't telling me
the next step. I would set it up across the room and look at
it, ready to take orders and it would just....sit there. Just a
silent piece of paper with some color on it. A dud.
Thankfully, there weren't too many of those.

A friend of mine asked me how I went about a painting
and I detailed my careful approach: careful drawings to
figure out compositions, watercolor sketches to look
at alternatives for colors, planning the framing far
ahead of time. She told me she was very surprised, as she
saw me as a free spirit kind of person. She said she imagined
me painting with reckless, creative abandon. (Or something
to that affect...we'd both had a few glasses of wine...)
I guess I'm flattered....
I'm just not that loose.
I'm strung pretty tight.
Give me some lists and a lot of things to plan and organize
and I am a happy artist.

This painting is giving me some conflicting messages.
I might have to follow some directions for it that I'll later
erase, paint over and regret. So it goes. It's making me
nervous, however, as I am hoping to finish and frame this
painting to exhibit in a show in June....deadline! I'd like
a painting that led me by the nose and finished itself in
a week. A painting that brooked no argument, demanded
my quick and talented hand and would return the favor
of creation with some impressive presence that would
garner attention, compliments and a fat sale. Yes.

What blog entry by me would be complete without
a damned flower picture? Here is my passionflower,
woefully beset by spidermites, yet gamely fighting the
good fight and showing me some gorgeous blooms.
(These blossoms smell divine, as well.)
My co-worker at the greenhouse gave it to me as a cutting
about 3 years ago. Her vine since died, so I returned her own
plant to her in the form of a cutting from mine.
What comes around goes around. Posted by Picasa


Lili-Bo-Nilly said...

I love to hear of your transfer station finds! I'm always reluctant to look around (typically when I go at 7:00am to dump trash the truck and worker bees are there tidying up). There's always this guy in a blue chevy there too whose life's work is apparently to look into every dumpster, every morning. He's nice. We say hi.

I love that second painting you have on your site. It seemed to me to be two different things and my mind hoped around for a bit when I looked at it. Nice to have a little mental stimulation in the morning. Can't wait to see it in person.

bugheart said...

i also agree...
the 2nd painting
is wonderful..
i must say that i never
saw you as one who
paints with
reckless abandon...
but that's not
a bad thing...
but maybe you should
try that sometime
and see what you get!