Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday Art update....good, bad and ugly

This painting was charging ahead giving me all kinds
of directions and hints and orders....
I obeyed! I listened! I painted....
and it died. It just came to a point where it
went totally silent. A dud. Sad but true. The
seed of the main idea is still powerful, however.
Occasionally, when an artwork is a dud (for lack
of any better term), it takes the original, charismatic
idea down with it....the impetus to make the image.
Luckily, I can step away from this painting and begin

This painting has been in the works for about 3-4
months and it still hasn't figured out the final finishing
touch. I pick it up and noodle around with it from time
to time, change big things, change small things, and
somehow always end up back at the same point, looking
at the same diminishing horizon and not seeing the
finish line. Sigh.

By now, you are most likely seeing some repetitive
shapes here.....maybe, 'obsessive' would be a better
term. I can't seem to stop drawing, painting, stamping
this damned leaf-eye thing. I love it. It feels SO good
to make these curves with a paintbrush. You should
try it. No, really! Go try it! It feels really, really good.
Make the two curves....feel where they intersect at
those delicate, sharp points. Ahhhh....
Oh....then you get to color it in. Talk about magic.

Anyway. I started this new red painting after the
blue one fell flat. It is good not to mourn too long
for the occasional flop. Get back on the horse, and all that.

I also started this painting, which just isn't this
vibrant in real life. You're seeing a fragment of
the underpainting and tissue collage. It has
some promise, though it hasn't told me it's whole
story yet. This painting is a 'learn as you go' one.
Some tell me their names, stories and destinies as
soon as I sketch the original lines....before a drop of
paint has hit the image. Some are like....stations of
the cross. You have to do the circuit, make all of the
stops, observe all of the rituals and efforts before you
understand the whole of the painting. In much simpler
terms, it's an, 'eat your dinner or you won't get dessert'
type of painting process. Posted by Picasa


Lili-Bo-Nilly said...

I think it's interesting to hear about your process- and I like the idea of paintings talking to you. It seems like a much more "organic" process rather than the "I will paint this" which I think you can see in some artists. I'm looking forward to seeing your works in your upcoming shows- especially the one at APU. I think we'll drive down for it! :)

bugheart said...

i knew the leaf image was
the seed of new work...
it fits you somehow...