Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Belated Art Update.....but a big one

I created several pieces for the "Doll" invitational. Quick and fun,
using photocopy transfer. I actually don't like dolls all that much. It was
a challenge to approach this subject in an art style that I liked. The pieces
came out really well, I'm happy to report. I re-used some old frames
and voila...

All three "Doll" pieces together. Left to right,
"The Sum of Her Parts"
"Every Piece"
"Not a Piece Forgotten."
I'll take a picture of them up in the gallery.

I'm in two invitational group shows this month. This
is "New Talent x 11" (which was 'New Talent x 10'
until the actual opening....)
My two pieces are the larger, matted and framed paintings,
"Seed" and "Seed Harvest."

Here is the 'doozie' I keep telling everyone about. The
red painting is "Red Message," which got the most
comments and compliments. Hey, it's my favorite, too.
I went early to the openings, so the crowd isn't too dense in
these shots.
Overall, successful shows. Posted by Picasa

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bugheart said...

the doll pieces
turned out
on another show!