Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today is a good day.

I don't remember where I read of this practice, but it is a wonderful thing.
Set your mind to catch sacred moments every day. Always be ready to awaken your mind and aknowledge that you are seeing/feeling/smelling/thinking/encountering something really damned incredible.
This afternoon Frommage and I planted our third and final garden bed. Spinach, carrots, chard, onions, leeks and lettuce. The sun was shining on our backs, the wind in the aspens overhead, our hands digging in the dark peat.....and there it was; sacred moment. No words, just seeds and dirt and wind and sun.
I tend to have somewhat of a dark mind....dwelling on stresses, problems, regrets. Setting a hook in my mind to catch these sacred moments has given me some valuable transendence over my usual brain-muddle.
Here I am, today, I called in sick to work...HA!
A sacred moment with my oriental lily, 'Aruba' who has been rocking our world for the past two weeks. Last year we let it bloom in the bedroom window and the heavy, vanilla-musk scent of the blossoms smoked us out of the room. It was so powerful we couldn't sleep and had to move it downstairs. 10 blossoms this year! Last year it had six, and the year before that, only 2-3, I think... I overwinter it in wood shavings in a 40-50F degree garage all winter. Apparently, Asiatics and Orientals are super winter hardy, but I just don't want to risk this one to the surreal subarctic winter temps we have here. Posted by Picasa


Carnation said...

hope your plants will grow well despite the cold.

kylie said...

I think a lot of us in this day and age of "catastrophe" and panic can tend to get a little way layed with the darker things in life.

Thanks for your honesty in this post as it's given me something to take with me in both a practical and philisophical sense.