Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Transfer Station Finds as of June 7

Remember my description of the Transfer Station?
I found 2 wool sweaters: one black, already partially felted, which I'll felt the rest of the way and use This white one you see above has been taken over by The Floofer. It's made of some very nice wool, so some night when I have free time (insert disbelieving laughter here) I'll frog it for re-knitting. Re-use, Reduce, Recycle and all that.

Martha Stewart magazines. These types of magazines portray life as a little too....perfect. I like the recipies, though.

A 2' window box. A little ratty, but useable.

Glass vases I can sell at a garage sale. I know some folks to take umbrage to this...finding stuff on the TS platform and selling it. I say it's a 'finder's fee.' I say that it is an excellent way to recycle. I can sell these items VERY cheaply at a garage sale and the folks that buy them are happy to get a deal. Also, they don't have to stop by the TS to find/get them. It's so much better than any of this stuff ending up in a landfill. There are always bags of perfectly good clothes left at the transfer station. Over the course of the day, scavengers toss them around and they inevitably get very dirty and ruined. When I find good clothes still clean, I bag them up and eventually make a donation to the Salvation Army. What goes around, comes around.
It's a source of unending frustration and sadness to me that my town doesn't have any recycling systems at all. Alaskans used to be able to be known for their hardiness and frugality. Not so in the age of Walmart, which arrived to blight our town just last year. Still, there are a lot of folks like me, perusing the TS goods.... Posted by Picasa

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bugheart said...

nice TS finds!
i agree that it is sad
that there is not
an easy way to recycle...
i is difficult in dc to find
a place that buys clothes
for reselling, like
so many stores in seattle...
it just offeers an incentive
to take your clothes to a store
to get recycled...
i often thought maybe
salvation army or goodwill
should offer
a donation for credit.