Monday, July 24, 2006


Self portrait...
Frommage and I went canoeing all day yesterday on Harding Lake.

I love to be in the it my control-freak nature?
I was taught canoe maneuvers in the stern....I feel like it's
where I belong...Plus, I have a wicked-ass paddle arm. I
can power paddle like nobody's business. The only person
I have ever been equally paired with in a canoe that can
match my paddling strength is my sister! Frommage, always
an encouraging soul, says I should develop this odd and specialized
talent and become a world-class kayaker. I agree! Someone give
me a kayak!

We beached for a bit to check out what looked like a small cabin hidden
away in the woods on the edge of the lake...

(A good shot for Abandoned Building Monday image.)
This long walkway/dock led to the cabin, still in use, as we found out.
This must have been built 15-20 years ago as the water level was 50 feet
out further than the dock...
We agreed that we like canoeing rivers more than lakes...the changing
scenery is better! Harding Lake has been enormously built up with
big, ostentatious houses crowding the shoreline. There were jet skis and
boats everywhere. We did see a couple of kayaks, but the only canoes we
spotted were high and dry on the grasssy lawns of the houses.
Next weekend is a river canoe trip... Posted by Picasa


Lili-BO-Nilly said...

You should go canoeing on the Delta Clearwater. It's by far the nicest little river for a canoe trip. AND, once you're done, it's a quick trip to Delta for a burger at the Buffalo Grill or pizza at Pizza Bella OR just pigging out on russian candies from the grocery store!

Eero said...

You ROCK! That is a great idea! Frommage and I want lots of adventure to be enjoyed without spending lots of money.
Great idea. It sounds like you speak from experience?

bugheart said...

sounds like
so much fun...
wish i was there!