Thursday, July 06, 2006

Letterboxing at the Tors

Here is Cousin D on the Tor aptly named the "Lizard's Eye." A year ago, my friend bugheart and I planted a letterbox on a jutting shelf of rock right beneath that eye... It's lain there through the winter snows and spring thaw, summer sun and rain....and I wanted to check it and see what intrepid letterboxers had made it up there to leave their stamp.

Bugheart tucked the case under this mound of moss. When I saw how well grown it was, that the moss, grass and soil were undisturbed, I guessed it was a lonely letterbox.

Here it is, beautifully intact in it's antique metal soapbox. No stamps but bugheart's and my own. Sigh. Still---I was glad to find it in good condition. (Hey b.---the other two are getting lots of action, so not to worry...) Last summer we hiked three miles into Denali State Park to find a letterbox....and ran into the BIGGEST black bear I have ever seen in my life. BIG. And right on the trail! We had to turn around and leave just when we figured we were within feet of that hidden box....urgh! We yelled and jumped around but the bear showed no signs of fear or disturbance. That is a very bad sign, by the way. When you see something out in the wild that can easily outrun you, outclimb you, outswim you and might eat you---you want to see it going away from you....which it didn't. So we split. Smart hikers. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

bugheart said...

it's still there.
it might not get
lots of action
but it's my favorite one.
they are all great.
please visit DC
again so we can go