Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bicycle Touring Dreams

Is it the stress of the upcoming art shows? Is it the obvious end of summer and oncoming pressure of winter cold? Is it the knowledge that I'd better get a full time job pretty damned quick? It's probably all of these stresses (and several others), but all I can think about is packing up my panniers and going bike touring.

I've just read the fabulous, "Miles From Nowhere" by Barbara Savage. The chapter on their passage through the Nile Delta gave me the willies.
Currently reading, "Metal Cowboy" by Joe Kurlansky. Easy read biking essays. A guy who really enjoys life and can tell a good yarn about it.

These stories just fuel my daydreams. I'm getting out on my bike almost everyday just to pedal and feel some sense of freedom. Seriously, I do think my worries are getting to me, hence this new need to break free! I think Frommage and I can do at least an overnight bike trip before it gets too cold. In view of being able to ride 30-50 miles to a nifty camping destination, I went for a 25 mile ride last week. It felt great! No problem on the hills (which there were many) and no problem with stamina. I awoke the next morning feeling good as well---my legs weren't even sore. Everything changed when I was doing the dishes however. (Is this where bad things creep up on other people, too?) I swear, I just tilted my head to look down at whatever I was washing, and I felt like a steel cable along the left side of my neck and upper spine stripped apart. Painful! I must have stressed my neck from the ride. Urgh! (I've had two neck injuries in the last 10 years and they always come back to haunt me...) So---no riding for a few days. I'm still happy to know that 25 miles wasn't a stretch for me....just my neck.

Oh, to ride fabulous places and have adventures....
These pictures are from Neil and Sharon Anderson's round the world tour...several years in the doing, as I understand it.
Readers and Lurkers: have you done any bicycle touring? What was it like? C'mon Rebel Wind, I know you're reading this....give us a good, quick story! Posted by Picasa


bugheart said...

i still
want to go
on a bicycle
tour in alaska
one summer
i haven't

dmcinnc said...

(bugheart led me to your blog)

You go! Your overnight biking foray sounds *lovely*.

Once upon a time I rode my bike away from my house and rolled back 9 months later. It sounds like one of those crazy-amazing trips that feels inaccessible to the average biker. It *was* crazy-amazing ... but it's a lot more accessible than one might think.

I didn't do any special training beforehand (tho I had been riding a bike for transportation around town since I was a kid). I just started by biking only as far as felt good and took it from there. It sounds like you're doing much the same stretching to 25 miles and then onto something a bit longer.

Dreams are akin to food in helping us stay alive - keep dreaming those bike tourin' dreams!