Thursday, August 31, 2006

Life is good...

We have visitors this month; Cousin Bill from DC with friend Ray from London.
Amazingly, the northern lights have been out every night since their arrival! This photo is of our day canoe trip on the Delta Clearwater....the first non-raining day in three weeks. We saw 10 moose during the float---big mamas and young bulls. I'm glad Ray the Brit got the full Alaskan experience in one day. At night, we've parked ourselves in chairs on the weedy lawn, sipped rum and cokes and howled at the aurora. Like I said, Life is Good.

Cousin Bill fishing.

Very old trapper's cabin on the Clearwater. I love places like this. They seem like home to me.

Another positive report! My Paphiopedilum has graced me with not one, but two blooms! A friend gave this orchid to me. My first lady slipper. I am so thrilled! Stuff like this is hard to tell to my regular friends....they just don't understand my urge to do backflips over a plant that blooms once every two years. But look at her! She is gorgeous. Posted by Picasa

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