Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quiet Places

This is a new, beautiful place I found recently. An old cabin out in the woods. The main room had cans of food and actual mattresses on 2 metal spring beds---and the squirrels hadn't destroyed them! Laminated notes had been tacked to a wall telling the history of the cabin. Also, there was a letter to visitors saying that if you wanted to stay in the cabin, you could; if you were respectful and left everything as you found it. It then said that if you burned anything, defaced anything, left trash around, etc., you were NOT welcome and someone would find your lifeless body floating down the river. Pretty matter of fact. I liked it.
I, of course, would just love to stay there and the only thing I would take away with me would be beautiful photos. Posted by Picasa


bugheart said...

oh wow...
that is so
can't wait to go!
i am thinking...
maybe we should
do a book
of photos
of abandoned
it would be
such a wonderful book
to put together...
and you could
preserve the
of the place
by only telling
them the
state in which
the place
was located...
but we could tell
the story of
each place.
i wonder if
it has been done?

Lili-Bo-Nilly said...

This is a lovely photo and makes me think fondly of other places we've known.