Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bike to work, eat a lot...

I finally biked all the way to and from work. Usually, I drive about half way and bike the difference. You may scoff at this, but the fact that my commute is 17.5 miles one way makes a big difference. Despite my sincere love of biking and plan to commute a lot this summer, I just haven't been able to afford the 3 hour roundtrip.
Another thing which always saps my good intentions to ride the whole commute is that the last mile home is a very, very steep hill on a tight curve with no bike path, no shoulder, and speeding cars. I call that stretch of highway, "The Gauntlet."

I got home, ate a lot of moosemeat, drank a beer, and practically fell over from tiredness.

At work, we're shutting down for winter. We're cutting back all of the perennials, both potted and planted, wrapping trees, storing soils and fertilizer, etc. I love this time of year: packing up and finishing the season. On our last official open day, all of the summer's employees show up, we do the final tucking-in of the unsold nursery stock and then eat and drink ourselves silly with a potluck. A great tradition. It's things like this which keep me coming back for another work season. Posted by Picasa

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bugheart said...

and i thought
you couldn't be
then you go
to work...