Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Collection Collective: Quilts, continued...

My Grandmother made this quilt for my sisters and I when we were little (30 years ago), so it is a testament to her good sewing skills as well as the absolutely indestructible nature of 1970's double-knit polyester. Machine sewn and pieced, hand tied.

This quilt was made by my great grandmother out of wool fabric samples from a tailor's shop. I've never used it, because I don't want to let it start to fade or wear out. My great grandmother was a midwife and schoolteacher who traveled the rivers and railways up to Alaska with her new husband shortly after the gold rush. I think she was probably a very tough and resourceful lady.
Hand sewn with blanket stitches.

I've been working on this quilt for um....10 years. (Yikes!) I wanted to challenge myself with a project that was subtly monochromatic. I usually call it the "Wedding Quilt." All of the fabrics were found at thrift stores. Machine pieced, hand quilted.

The Alaskan Flag Quilt. Started 1996, ended.....perhaps never. I just keep working and working on this quilt. I added a full quilted back to it, as well, in which I've carefully quilted only half-way through the dense batting, so that each side has it's own designs. I take this out and work on it only every six months or so. The stars are appliqued crinkle satin. There are 49 iron-on embroidery stars around the border (AK is the 49th state). This is the most intensely quilted quilt I've made. I'm proud to report that other quilters who have seen it have shaken their heads in wonder. But will it ever really be finished?
Machine pieced, hand quilted and embroidered. Posted by Picasa

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bugheart said...

hooray for
the collection
oh how i love
your alaskan
my favorite
hands down.
it's amazing.