Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Collection Collective: Quilts

Quilt I recently found IN A DUMPSTER! It's hand embroidered with hundreds of names.
Machine pieced, hand tied. (Bad, lumpy batting that I intend to carefully replace this winter.)
I've been inadvertently collecting quilts since I started making them myself in 1992. I've never taken a class...just learned as I went.

A quilt made for my husband and I for our wedding by our friend Jan. It has small, clear yellow seed beads sewn onto it, as well. Strange as this may sound, I was once on a very rough flight, really bad turbulence, and thinking of the texture of this quilt beneath my hand calmed me.
The back is made of irregular rectangles of black jean fabric, so it's a pretty heavy and warm quilt: good for cold, Alaskan winter nights.

This is my first quilt. I began it in 1992, skipping art school classes to stay home and sew away on this HUGE thing. I had a spark of intuition one day that if I were to make a quilt, good things would happen. (I'm an artist; I get these powerful, almost nonsensical thoughts all the time.) Anyway, I taught myself how to quilt with this project, so it's construction isn't elegant: it's just strong. Many of the fabrics were really delicate and have shredded over the 14 years I've used it. I've put patches on it, then patches on the patches, which is the true nature of a crazy quilt---recycled material. See the Quilters of Gee's Bend, if you need some mind-blowing quilt beauty of this genre.
(Yes, good things happened after I made this quilt.)

This is a quilt I bought at a garage sale for $7.00. It's been on our bed for years, so it's worn out. Many parts are shredding badly, but the cotton it's made with is so soft! Machine pieced and sewn, the pattern is sometimes called, "Drunkard's Path." I hope to make a quilt very much like it, then sew this one in as the batting to be able to keep using it.
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bugheart said...

i love hearing
about your
need to send
you more
from the village!

Lili of the Valley said...

I've never seen that one by great grandma- did you get it from grandma A? Interesting pattern-
Oh! Let's get together for tea and plan a trip of rivers for a few years from now. We can make a list and recreate the travels of our forefathers. You know it would be fun! We can come up with a fabulous list for it as well!!