Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Framing is Finished!

I've spent the last 4 days framing 15 paintings for my show in Anchorage. I like framing---the measuring, marking, bevel cuts, clean glass and metal. As much as I like it, enough is enough. It has a definite tedium to it. This is the expensive, anal, necessary final stage of an artwork for display. I am proud I can do it myself---a painting on paper, framed under glass with a window mat at my favorite local art framer costs about $220.00 for something 29"x36". I can do the same for between $50.00-$70.00. If I can sell 2 paintings from this show, I will make up for the framing expenses.....

I'm pretty pleased with how the whole body of this show looks together. Yes, there are a few oddballs in there, but there are 3 distinct 'zingers,' paintings which will be the leaders in the exhibit, visually.
What is really interesting in an exhibit is what different people really like. I, of course, have my very highly biased favorites which I can clearly see are compositionally and technically better that others. But somehow, these are often NOT the viewers favorites. Interesting. (I always like to find out what Frommage likes....I'm always surprised.)
I've had to take 3 framed paintings apart and re-do them, due to the painting settling slightly wrong in the frame or warping a little. Urgh. This always happens. I'd love to work at a frame shop and get some professional training so I can avoid the mistakes of 'learn as I go' working.
But hey....
It's done.
Now to haul all of this work the nearly 400 miles to Anchorage without mishap, hang it, have the opening and.......

I already have a long list of stuff to do once I get home. Hauling a lot of firewood is one. Drinking tequila is another. Making some BIG ASS PAINTINGS is a third. Time to go big, I think. BIG. Stretch out more. Oooohhh....thrilling prospect. Posted by Picasa

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

I hear you on the tequila! We are getting our woodstove on the 12th I think of this month. I cannot wait. No more cold evenings for me. But it means I'll be adding firewood to my list too.