Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Waking up in Denali....

We figure the temperature dropped to less than +30 overnight. We woke to frost on everything. Only Frommage slept comfortably, human furnace that he is. This is a shot of some Bearberry plants coated with frost. Everything sparkled in the sunrise.

Breakfast on the riverbed. We sat on our foam sleep pads as the rocky ground transmitted the cold all to well. We had to wait until the sun rose high enough to hit the river....
Ray scraped the thick frost off his tent and had a fun morning pelting us with snowballs.

Small caribou jaw found on the tundra. Wolf eaten? Bear? Unknown.

Hiking out under pure, beautiful blue skies. Three hours and we hit the road to flag down a hiker bus. Two hours back to the park entrance, and we treated ourselves to pizza and beer.

Now, back at home, Cousin Bill and Ray the Brit are on their way to further adventures down south. Frommage and I return to normal life.
After just a few days with my pack, hiking over incredible country, singing, telling stories and laughing constantly at Ray's insane sense of humor.....it's hard to return to the studio.

Hell, it's just hard to be indoors.

Days of walking on raw earth, breathing clean, fresh air, being purely in the moment. The day's schedule built around making simple meals and setting up a tent in the evening. Good conversation with adventurous friends. These things make me incredibly happy. Posted by Picasa


sp8cemunky said...

Your pictured are wonderful. I'll keep coming back.

Emily said...

That looks like an amazing hike! Although we can hike longer in Seattle, we're still pretty much cut off from hiking in the mountains by mid-November. The biking is okay year round though, at least in the city! Your blog is great, I'm glad you found me so I found you :)