Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween 2006: Creepy Kabuki Crew

This Halloween I invited 4 friends to participate with me on a group costume---the designs based on costumes I made last year for Frommage and I---Kabuki Ghosts. I told friends about my costume design, had a sewing party at my house one night to teach them the basics of putting them together, and then they went on to add their own embellishments. The photo above is Aaron's swamp monster take on the whole idea....totally brilliant.

All of us outside before the party...

Aaron and Erin...soon to be wed! Don't they make a sweet couple?

Dena was the biggest hit of the evening....she would sit very still and people would point and stare and approach to tell her how scary she which she wouldn't say anything. People were seriously unnerved by her....many took photos surreptitiously. I am really thrilled by how these costumes came out---especially the ones I sewed, but also the ones I inspired my friends to make. It was a serious art project....more in the performance realm than what I usually work on---gallery art. Still---my creative inspiration made these fantastic monsters go out into the world, drink margaritas and dance and creep people out. 5 years of private art school, right there.

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