Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Transmission Point" Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage Alaska, October 6-29, 2006

I safely hauled my 15 paintings the 357 miles to Anchorage and hung the show at the Carr-Gottstein Gallery on the APU campus. Good drive, good weather, and easy show installation.

Although the gallery space was more....corporate?...than I expected, my work presented very well. This space has a lot of traffic through it as it is part of the admissions office and adjacent to several conference rooms.

Two good friends who made the opening a good one: Jenn and Dena. I had begun to expect my opening night to be a bit lonely without a familiar face---somehow the show inauguration seemed a bit of a hollow victory without friends or family to be there with me....

The opening night. Not a huge turnout, as later I was told that the First Friday activities at galleries around town were pretty quiet, overall. Still, some good conversations with other artists I hadn't met before.
And now?
6 Months of work is done, the show is up, the opening done, the wine drunk, the 800 miles driven and I'm happily at home house, as it turns out. Everything went really, really well. Can I relax now?

Next big show: "9 North: Multimedia Alaskan Perspectives" at the Bear Gallery in May 2007. Seven months to make that new body of work. '9 North' is my brainchild---I've invited and collected 8 other artists who work in multimedia to participate in this group exhibit. I'm excitedly planning some large works on canvas and board using lots of gold leaf. Posted by Picasa

And hey! My 100th post!

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Shannon Sinclair said...

I am so bummed! I was so sad to miss your show in Fairbanks. But guess where I was on first friday (Oct 6th)? You won't believe it--we went to a bunch of lame exhibits in downtown Anchorage, when we could have been at yours. I didn't know you were down there. I am so sad!! Anyway, I hope it is going well. Next time you are in Anchorage, let me know, I am down there a lot. I will tell Dave to go check it out.