Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Collection Collective: Lists.....

Here is my current collection of lists...'s the big reveal......I am obsessed with Lists. I don't necessarily 'collect' them, more like, they rule my life and I can't help making them, updating them, marking on them, adding to them, on a daily basis. I make lists of art I've done, art to do, friends I have, things I've done or wish I've done, errands, tasks, New Years Resolutions, things I want to accomplish in the next day, week, year, decade.....
It definitely comes from my mother, this obsessive list making. She has a yellow, lined notepad that she makes one list on every day and tries to accomplish everything on it, carefully crossing off each item as it's done. (My lists are usually way too long for that!) Her list is a well known family fact and often referred to---don't get in the way of my mom and her list! We've shared the fact that if we do something that wasn't on the list, we write it in just so we can cross it off. Oohhh, it feels good to cross stuff off.

I have some really important lists on the wall of my studio---lists that can't be lost in the shuffle.

This is perhaps my most important list right now. This is where I write all of the art shows, grants, exhibits and applications I'm currently involved in and their outcome. By each entry, there is a smiley face or a frowning face---I color in the one that indicates success or failure for the endeavor. It's kind of a kinky thrill to look at how the smiles and frowns line up---and I quantify my successes by their numbers...(are the smiles winning the race against the frowns at last?)

My friend Amy saw this list and laughed at it, teasing me. Here she thought I was this very organized, serious business type of artist and I'm cataloging my shows with little happy faces. In my own defense, this process WORKS REALLY WELL! Sometimes I stare at this list and visualize filling in happy faces for shows I truly hope for...

I've just had to fill in the unhappy face for the EFF exhibit I REALLY wanted to get into.....and cried. Today, I filled in a big happy face for another application that was successful----perhaps the biggest thing I've applied for to date! Yay for me! This is the manic-depressive nature of art....three days ago I was laying in bed crying and today I'm jumping around the house, waiting for Frommage to come home so I can tell him the good news!

And I'll leave you with a bit of art.
This is a project I just finished for a good friend of mine far away whom I'm thinking about a lot. I can't show you the entire thing, because I don't want to spoil the surprise for her as it's in the mail right now....winging it's way southward.

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bugheart said...

hooray for collections!
i love our lists
i love that
you make lists...
the happy face one
for shows...
maybe i need to
steal that idea
from you
for my research!
so is
that amazing
at the bottom
a quilt?
it looks
so damn cool!

ms. pea said...

it's always wonderful to see the lists of the other obsessive list-makers in the world. i like the happy face / frowny face method... maybe i'll try that with my grant proposal list! if my heart can stand it. i love the little peek of quilt.

Anonymous said...

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