Saturday, November 11, 2006

Drumroll, please......

Recently I blogged about my method of charting my successes and failures in art shows and art-related applications. My (extremely adult and mature) method is to list the endeavor with a smiley face and frowning face next to it---depending on the outcome of the effort= fill in the face.

So here's a big happy face I got to color in this week:

I have been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Rasmuson Foundation as a Project Award, the funds to be specifically spent on art supplies relating to the fulfillment of 3 large shows I have scheduled in 2007.


This big accomplishment comes hard on the heels of a show rejection just last week that had me reeling with frustration, disappointment and sadness.
Last night I went out with one of my best art friends here, Annie Duffy, and celebrated with about 20 beers (her) and 3 double margaritas (me.) Annie won the Rasmuson Fellowship award---a bigger amount with great prestige. It was SO GREAT to celebrate with a fellow artist....made all the difference. For a few days, I had to keep the news secret until they
published the full list of recipients. I was feeling like it wasn't real---hadn't sunk in---did I imagine that phone call? Celebrating the award was crucial...


This morning I went on my first classic ski of the year...just an hour....

...since it was -12F, so we got pretty frosty. Frommage's beard caught a lot...

and I got frosty fetching! Posted by Picasa


Emily said...

Congratulations! That's great, you must be so thrilled!
Love the frosty eyelashes...we're finally starting to build up some snowpack in the mountains down here. Hopefully the winter activities will commence around Thanksgiving!

ms. pea said...

Wow, the frosty eyelashes look like a Maybelline ad circa 1966. Many, many congratulations on the grant.

bugheart said...

yes yes
wonderful news!
and i agree-
your frost
eyelash photo
is quite