Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Art Now!

Yes, I consider quilts 'art.' So that's the end of that debate.

This is a lap quilt I made for my friend Stephany. It's been a LONG time since I made a quilt....a baby quilt for my years ago? This one was really a challenge because I quilted it with the machine in interlocking swirls. I've quilted quite a bit all by hand. We're talking full-size, 80" wide quilts----hand quilted! I used my machine for this one because I wanted to finish it before the new year and send it off. Fabrics are jacquard, silk, satin, one piece of velvet, etc.

Here's another view. There is a pocket on the yellow area---I slipped a note in there before I sent it to S. Most of these fabrics were recycled from various pieces of clothing that I couldn't or wouldn't wear----yellow chinese silk pajamas, orange embroidered pajamas, a vintage dress in polished silk with yellow polka dots on it, a big black prom dress.

For me, making a quilt for a specific person is my own ultimate way of telling them I care for them. I want to keep them warm, and safe and sleep well and have good dreams.....and so much more. I see quilts as intimate, beautiful objects. My first quilt was a crazy quilt of all recycled fabrics that I made for myself---100% hand sewn---and it changed my life, as I knew it would.

The backing is cotton and here you can see my frenetic quilting! My machine is VERY SMALL so I had to roll areas of the quilt up tight and really cram it under the arm. I had to keep slowing myself down so the stitches would be tight enough....I found that I had to quilt only in a specific area defined by the color of fabric so I could keep a pattern going in one place and not lose control. On the back, the quilting looks very....sectional. But it is kind of cool. I like the way it turned out.
I've never taken a quilting would probably blow my mind to learn all of the techniques I am doing "wrong"...

I'm back in the studio. I've broken through the lethargy that decended after finishing the series of paintings for my show in Anchorage. Now---thinking ahead to the next exhibit! May 2007, and many of you may think that is a long time off......I have 6-10 large paintings to finish for that exhibit and I'm going to need every day of the next 6 months to do it.

Did I mention that I got an art grant! Yay! Posted by Picasa


bugheart said...

oh it's
so beautiful!
i love the
swirly back!

Carson said...

thanks for visiting my blog.
i've enjoyed your quilts
congratulations on the grant!

Anonymous said...

E....You gave me one of the best gifts I've ever been given...
thank you-