Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Ancient critter...Museum of Natural History, D.C.

Frommage and I had a big talk about my seeming inability to enjoy myself at parties. I have a real problem being in crowds and can't take the presence of a lot of strangers for very long. If it's a classroom situation, or a place where the people are organized and working, that is different. It's the chaos and noise of a lot of strangers that unnerves me.

Do you know why?

I do---I am a true, dyed-in-the-wool, unbreakable, unrepentant INTROVERT.

Frommage understands this now, especially with the help of an article by Johnathan Rauch titled, "Caring For Your Introvert" in the March 2003 Atlantic Monthly. This is not a scientific article, by any means, but something Rauch wrote as a piece that was largely self-referential, and something of a personal quip. Apparently, this article has gained him more reader response than any other single piece of writing he has published. Also, the article continues to get more hits on the Atlantic Monthly website than anything else.....since 2003! It struck a chord with thousands of people.....people like me! Please take the three minutes to read the short's just.......fabulous. Gives me great peace of mind to find this succinct personality outline that confirms so many things that I've encountered in my life.

I try to be social....I really do....but it is just so hard, sometimes. Give me two or three good friends and some skis out in the wilderness and I am SO HAPPY....
Give me a friend or two and some beers (or margaritas) and art talk, and I am in nirvana.
Don't give me a big room full of strangers all talking and laughing and drinking at once, because I'll go hide in the fucking closet.

The metro station...

In January last year, Frommage and I went to visit his Cousin Bill and my friend Bugheart in D.C. I'd never been to the east coast before......and never been to great American museums, as well. During the entire trip, I felt like artistic inspiration was pouring into me, onto me, through me from every direction. I couldn't take enough pictures.

During this trip, we went to New York for three days and spent a whole 45 minutes at MoMA. Every step I took, every new artwork I loooked at in every room BLEW MY MIND. I couldn't take it in.....not even 1% of it. After less than an hour, I started was just too much. The 'final straw' was seeing Les Demoiselles d' Avignon by Picasso----and being hit with the fact that it is about 15 ft. high...the physical presence of that painting tipped my already fragile art-mind over the edge. I remember making Frommage and Cousin Bill leave, walking down the (very cold and windy) New York streets and shivering a little---from the cold? I think it was from the art....from being overwhelmed by it. I felt like it had blasted right through me and I was this shredded ghost walking around.

Beatiful plant, National Botanical Garden, D.C.

This winter we just don't have the extra cash to go on a trip. We're locked into what is turning out to be a pretty mind-numbing winter. Tomorrow, we make the subtle shift across the event horizon of Winter Solstice and stop our loss of daylight. This is always a big deal for my Mom, who is deeply in touch with the seasons and plants. She's probably going to cal lme tomorrow and say, "We're on our way back!" (to summer). She is an accountant, a true "Type-A" personality if there ever was one, but she also has the most amazing ability with natural phenomenon. Earth magic type of stuff, no joke. She would never call it that, but I do. This is a lady who can grow pumpkins and artichokes outside in her yard, in the ground, in Alaska!
No mean feat, lemme tell 'ya.

Jim Dine....National Museum of Modern Art, D. C. Gestural text-based line work. F'ing beautiful. What my good friend Annie Duffy would call, "Hot Shit."

Enough blogging for now.
Gotta go to the studio and enjoy being introverted and make some art.
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cochabamba said...

i too prefer small gatherings and walks alone out in the country. i guess that makes me an introvery, too. but as a bartender, my life is spent in crowds, everyone wanting my attention. it's a strange profession for someone like me, but i think it has made me develop a side of myself that i probably would not have otherwise. of course, if i had to do it all over, i'd probably be a stonemason.


Dacia said...

I like that Dine piece. Your pics look like fun.

Anonymous said...

dear E.,
you have a new message from the "earl of sandwhich" in repsonse to a discussion about a "R.Bridges"
on your january 17th post.
The Earl of Sandwhich

Philip said...

I don't like parties much if they are just about boring small talk.I don't consider myself an introvert though - it's just I like doing different things and I don't believe in conforming just for the sake of it. By the same token I don't expect others to enjoy the simple pleasures that I do. We are all different and I believe that to be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Introverts unite indeed.

I am a career introvert. Not only do I not repent, I revel in it.

I too cannot stand large parties full of the flickering wings of social butterflies!

I have a blog specifically devoted to introversion and introvert theory.
I address questions regarding the nature of introversion and WHY there has developed in Western civilization a sharp divide between these two distinct types.

Anonymous said...