Saturday, December 02, 2006

More of winter...

A cow and her yearling bull came into the yard to dig around in the remains of the garden under the snow and eat a frozen pumpkin. As moose don't have very long necks, they often kneel down to eat. Here, the cow is standing and son is kneeling...

As we moved around in the house, they would perk up their ears, listening. Two neighborhood dogs came down our driveway and barked furiously at them. The moose merely looked at the dogs, seemingly non-plussed. At one point, Mama lowered her head and pulled back her ears---menacing moose face. The dogs immediately jumped back and cowered, only to resume their barking when she went back to eating some willows along the drive. Frommage opened the front door and yelled at the dogs, who ran. Moose glanced our way, uncaring of the noise.

After hitting every gallery in town (five) for the First Friday opening parties, we went to what is turning into our family hang out bar, The Big I. This is Frommage's longtime family friend sporting the Rasputin look----and didn't mind me taking pictures.

Today was spent working on grant and artist residency applications. Hours and hours in front of the computer. We tried to go skiing this morning, but -11F and slow snow made us give it up as no good. Still, I got in one moment of bliss, which I seem to always get while out skiing.....

I was double-poleing along the road back the car, headed right into the 11:00 sunrise. The light was breaking over the world, searing through the cold air. Everything was sparkling with frost. Skiing into the sun, I felt like I was going to slide off the edge of the world.

Some people meditate. Some people take drugs.

Me...I ski.
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Carson said...

And that fur-hat-wearing-guy. Amazing.
Thanks for the little glimpse into Alaskan life.

bike&beer said...

and i think it is cold here, at 40F! ha! but then again, i am a tropical soul ;-) thanks for the kind comment on my blog, i am better -- i usually don't stay mad, which goes right along with your friend's line of thought. i do vent though! plus, i did half of what you recommended (the beer half -- too cold for a ride, brrrrr.....)