Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Here is my first addition to the "All of Me" task.
Why this one?
As I get older, I realize how ephemeral my life is.
I realize how little permanence I have in the world.
I realize how everything is constantly changing...
shifting sand...
Also, that small, private moments are precious. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Craft Table Challenge...

Here is is: my addition to the Craft Table Challenge...
(Bear with me...I'm still learning all of this linking stuff...)

My desk is in my art studio at home...

Items on it:
3-ring research binder with info. on leaf miner moths, art exhibits, art grants, art websites, fellow artists, etc. etc.
library books: "How to Paint Skin Tones" and "Drawing in Ink"
current gouache painting (a very frustrating, slow moving one but with oodles of promise)
watercolors, gel mediums, paints,
pens, brushes, scissors,
art supplies box (the one my grandmother gave me...it was hers)
paper towels, hand-carved stamps,
paint water in ceramic bowl made by an artist friend,
sketchbook of every idea that graces
my fevered brain,

Above the desk:
Art show reminder info, (yes, Gwen, there's a picture of a slug up there on the wall...)

cryptic notes to self only I can read,
Lists... I love lists...I make new, delightful lists everyday...

Below the desk:
30 gal. container bulging with fabric,
photographic lightbox,
cat sleeping bed,
art files...

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Ski party...

Traversing the slope....
I love skiing! I've been organizing ski parties with
friends every Saturday. This is our trip from
February 18th, 20 miles out of town to a
defunct gold mining dredge....

Some crazy skiiers...

A good view for perspective...
This dredge is basically a three story machine
on huge metal pontoons, moored in
a shallow lake. We skiied out over the 3 ft thick ice.
Changing temperatures had cracked it and
created impressive, deep blue fissures.
It was about +20 that day...
This dredge shut down around 1960...

My friend Amy---fellow knitter and skiier.
She's moving away in two weeks. I'm sad
to see her go. She is one of those great people
who link many friends and groups
of friends together.... Posted by Picasa