Sunday, June 18, 2006

Midnight Sun Run

Last night Frommage ran the Midnight Sun Run--10K---
over 4,000 people participated: more humans in one place
than I have EVER seen in this town at once. You can see how bright
it is out---the race started at 10pm. Serious racers crossed the finish
line between 32-45 minutes. 200 Miles south of the arctic circle, you can
run all night in broad daylight.
The best part? You get extra points and prizes for running in costume...

She said she was Swamp Thing and the fisherwoman who caught her.

Cutie prom girls! I saw the girl in the gold lame dress cross the
finish line.

By far, the best costumes! I heard that these two people are
somewhat famous for their elaborate personaes every year.
Oooohhhh....I have to do it next year. Have to. Posted by Picasa