Thursday, July 06, 2006

Letterboxing at the Tors

Here is Cousin D on the Tor aptly named the "Lizard's Eye." A year ago, my friend bugheart and I planted a letterbox on a jutting shelf of rock right beneath that eye... It's lain there through the winter snows and spring thaw, summer sun and rain....and I wanted to check it and see what intrepid letterboxers had made it up there to leave their stamp.

Bugheart tucked the case under this mound of moss. When I saw how well grown it was, that the moss, grass and soil were undisturbed, I guessed it was a lonely letterbox.

Here it is, beautifully intact in it's antique metal soapbox. No stamps but bugheart's and my own. Sigh. Still---I was glad to find it in good condition. (Hey b.---the other two are getting lots of action, so not to worry...) Last summer we hiked three miles into Denali State Park to find a letterbox....and ran into the BIGGEST black bear I have ever seen in my life. BIG. And right on the trail! We had to turn around and leave just when we figured we were within feet of that hidden box....urgh! We yelled and jumped around but the bear showed no signs of fear or disturbance. That is a very bad sign, by the way. When you see something out in the wild that can easily outrun you, outclimb you, outswim you and might eat you---you want to see it going away from you....which it didn't. So we split. Smart hikers. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More hiking pictures

Cousin D and Samantha, adventurers.

The Tor where we finally found a windless place to camp, snuggling
our tents to it's leeward flank.

Pretty sure I've accurately identified this as a variety of lousewort. Found
it on the hike out---swampy trails over the permafrost tundra.

Kick ass Asolo hiking boots: 2 years and still haven't sprung a leak. Posted by Picasa

Wildlife sightings...the big, the wet and the angry

During the cousin's visit, we saw lots of wildlife as we did some manic Alaskan adventuring with them. Here is a big 'ol cow moose who was eating pond weeds....She's just curious, here....

She's looking a little ticked off in this shot....

Samantha looks justifiably worried as moosey starts heading up the bank...
(We left right after this shot. Moose can pound a wee human into oatmeal very easily...)

Another critter we saw---this on on the alpine tundra around Granite Tors.
A Hoary Marmot. Sure, it looks like a rodent, but it's as big as a cocker spaniel. Posted by Picasa

Hiking the Tors

Frommage's cousin and girlfriend came from Georgia for a whirlwind Alaskan adventure visit. Never have I had houseguests that were so hellbent on doing and seeing EVERYTHING in one week. Of course, we benefited, as we did almost everything with them....
Here we are chilling by the fire up on the Tors---a fifteen mile hike: 10 miles up, 5 miles down. Really amazing pluton rock formations at the top.....alpine tundra landscape and we the only humans in site. Silent and beautiful.

Marital bliss. 5 years as of summer solstice.
All I need is a rock, a log, this man, and a Nalgene full of red wine.
Total happiness.

Hiking the next morning---sunny, finally! We were at the end of the trail by 2pm and headed over to the hot springs to soak off the trail mud.

The artist surveying the landscape.... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday Art long last...

Always a good feeling to sell a piece. I am a little sad to see
this one sell so soon after framing it---I would have liked to
have taken it home and enjoyed it. Right now I'm hard at work
on another painting that is very similar to this one....just can get
away from those leafy-eye shapes...
I'm also hard at work formulating the overall plan for my
solo show in October at Alaska-Pacific University in
Anchorage. I've got space available for 12-15 paintings.....
I've got three series going and any one of them could lead to
a comprehensive show of that which one to concentrate on? Posted by Picasa