Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wednes...oop! Thursday art update!

Okay, no pictures today.
I've been working my ass off on the Leaf Miner project. I am happy to report that I am done with all of the pieces for that exhibit! Of course, I still have to frame them, write my artist's statement, write up my research presentation and write short statements for each piece......
but I can do that next week.
For now, I'm happy that I've fulfilled my promise of 6-8 works for the show. (Actually, I have 12! Several of which will wait in the wings until they are absolutely needed to fill gaps.) The show organizer is thrilled with me, as I've kept her updated along the way and gotten in all of my paperwork on time. Being a show organizer myself at times, it is a true relief when an artist really comes through as an organized professional. Is the personality of the flakey artist a myth? Ooooohhhh no.....all too sadly, flakey artists abound. I promised myself and my art that I will NOT be one.

Next project I've already begun: 12-15 paintings for my solo show in Anchorage. I've been juggling several ideas for that show and done dozens of sketches. I've got some very good ideas which I'll be able to start putting to canvas/paper this weekend. I have 7 weeks as of tomorrow to finish all of the work for these two shows. It's a shitload of's also a lot of money. Money going out...not coming in, that is. (It's the framing costs that are kicking me in the ass. ) For the Anchorage show, I'll have to drive my show down there, too.....yikes! Right after the first snows, too! 400 miles of crappy mountain roads. It doesn't bear thinking about.
These are my rat-maze like thoughts when I consider the grand prospect of my own art shows.

In other news:
The garden is growing beautifully---leeks! Spinach!
The Fallgold Ash tree I thought was dead just put out a crop of leaves (yay!)
I made fabulous moose meat chili and cornbread for dinner

And why no pictures, you ask?
All I can do is give you some sage words of advice:
Never, never, ever put your digital camera on the hood of your car,
forget about it, and drive off.
Don't ever do that.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Phyllocnistis populiella continues it's rampant feeding on
every tree around my house. I've already been seeing the new
generation of adult moths! Contrary to what I've read, the larvae
are rolling up in the edge of the aspen leaves to cocoon, rather than
dropping down to the ground leaf litter. Every aspen tree is now a silvery
grey. If the leaf miners weren't enough, I found hoards of aphids feeding
on leaves of aspen saplings!

A real leaf---altered in photoshop to pump up the contrast. This
leaf still shows some intact mesophyll, whereas most leaves are
fully mined. The small fold on the left side of the leaf is where
the larval caterpillar is going through his transformation...
Still, I must's just so very beautiful. Posted by Picasa