Monday, October 23, 2006

The first day of winter

The river is freezing up...
In my last blog I belabored the fact that winter was dragging it's heels, that I just felt like I was waiting, waiting, waiting for the change in seasons so that I could shift gears...

and we woke to snow the next morning. With the first snow comes the first moose, a cow and her son to eat the frozen remnants of the garden. Mom is on the left, laying down and boy is in the flower garden, chowing down on sunflowers, agastache and asters.

Big ears perked up, he's listening to the sound of the car starting on the other side of the house. I took this picture from a window on the second floor, so the perspective is skewed as to how big this dude is.....I estimate his height at his shoulders to be about 6'5". Mom is almost twice as big as he is. (You NEVER get close to moose for a photo...can't risk getting a 1500 lb. animal angry...especially a mom with calf in tow.)
Now that the snow is here, I feel a new sense of contentment and a renewed commitment to projects. Today? Finishing a quilt, updating an art exhibit database and fixing the damned chainsaw. (I was out cutting up a downed spruce by the driveway and the chain seized.....lordy, I hope I didn't really f*&% it up.....) Posted by Picasa