Friday, November 03, 2006

Trip to Anchorage

I went back to Anchorage to collect my show "Transmission Point"---with 2 paintings sold! Yay! While there, I went to a thrift store and found these wedding dresses hanging in a window, backlit by the winter light reflecting from the snow outside. I'm re-training myself to grab my camera whenever the urge strikes me, regardless of place or time or circumstances. If I see a good shot, I need to get that good shot.

While in Anchorage we saw our friend Dena performing with her Yup'ik dance group at the Anchorage Museum. Theirs was, by far, the most dynamic performance. When I see this kind of dancing, I so wish I could do it. It's mesmerizing and powerful---and the drumming and singing just call to me. When I see and hear this kind of dancing, I feel like I'm in the presence of greatness. I'm not native---I'm white, and I feel that I've really missed out on something in not having a connecting to an art like this. We also saw Tligit-Haida dancers that night, but they didn't impress me so deeply.

When Dena talks about dancing, she glows with happiness and pride. I think everyone needs something in their life that fulfills them in this way. Me? Big toss-up between skiing and art-making, I think.
You can see Dena on the far left in the blue kuspuk. (Sorry D, forgot the Yup'ik name!)

Dena told Frommage and I that she had her kuspuk and dance fans, head dress and necklace but still needed mukluks to make her outfit complete. In Yup'ik, the traditional seal hide boots are puluguks. When she told me about needing boots, I realized that I have three pairs---one, my grandmother wore when she was in her 20's that I will cherish forever, a second pair that are over 100 years old and have signs of extreme use, repair and more use, and a third pair----that I could give her!!!

These are the very old puluguks----the ones I gave Dena were made of spotted seal hide with seal skin soles, a diamond patch cuff with red and black felt---and they fit her perfectly. I felt really good giving them to her---they have re-entered the world back with the right person---and to be worn dancing! It was absolutely the right thing to do. I've had them in a box for about 10 years.....and I don't remember where I got them, to be honest. Regardless, they've gone to the right place. In a broader, anthropological sense, I feel like I've returned a cultural artifact to it's rightful owner.
I have quite a few things that I think are really nifty and beautiful---like those mukluks---but don't necessarily need them or use them. I dearly want to cut down on my "stuff" as I like to live a little more pared down than I am now. (I don't want to clutter my new house!) Giving the boots to Dena was perfect----now I have to figure out where other nifty things can move onto...

and Dena, if you're reading this, I didn't post the picture of you eating ice cream! Aren't I nice? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A few more Halloween photos...

Four of us at the Howling Dog....

Spaceman Spiff? Loved this guy's act...

I dubbed her "Alien Sex Fiend." Great creative costume. Posted by Picasa

Halloween 2006: Creepy Kabuki Crew

This Halloween I invited 4 friends to participate with me on a group costume---the designs based on costumes I made last year for Frommage and I---Kabuki Ghosts. I told friends about my costume design, had a sewing party at my house one night to teach them the basics of putting them together, and then they went on to add their own embellishments. The photo above is Aaron's swamp monster take on the whole idea....totally brilliant.

All of us outside before the party...

Aaron and Erin...soon to be wed! Don't they make a sweet couple?

Dena was the biggest hit of the evening....she would sit very still and people would point and stare and approach to tell her how scary she which she wouldn't say anything. People were seriously unnerved by her....many took photos surreptitiously. I am really thrilled by how these costumes came out---especially the ones I sewed, but also the ones I inspired my friends to make. It was a serious art project....more in the performance realm than what I usually work on---gallery art. Still---my creative inspiration made these fantastic monsters go out into the world, drink margaritas and dance and creep people out. 5 years of private art school, right there.