Saturday, December 16, 2006

Village finds, art and moi...

Yesterday I went to Value Village to search for some affordable ski gear---and found this! Nothing at all like ski gear, but totally great, nonetheless. It's an Old Navy brand, and I think I was looking at something very much like it there last year....but didn't buy it. I paid $10 at VV---Yay!
I saw my friend Jenn there and we talked about how some days at VV have good Juju---you can feel that you're going to find good stuff. While we shopped, she found a pair of knee-high, soft black leather boots which she wants to wear for an art opening in January. She told me she had been on the 'perfect boot' search for quite a while...
Lucky day at the Village....

Of course, the whole purpose was to find some ski gear---and got a coat. This is a lightweight Marmot coat which will be great for skate skiing---fits my body close, but has big arms and shoulders for all that poling. Seven dollars! I've been looking at some ski coats and pants at the local outdoor gear store, and I just can never bring myself to drop that much cash on an item of clothing. My upbringing was as one of three daughters to a single mother who worked 50 hour weeks to keep us all comfortable and happy. I am too money concious to ever spend $200 on a coat...especially a lightweight one.

Unfortunately, skiing is suspended for a little while. After getting only one paltry inch of snow, it's turned cold again....-20F. Bad for skiing...slow snow and just too cold to relax and have fun.

This is a painting from Summer 2005 when I was cranking out art like there was no tomorrow...

I had expected to get a lot done in the studio this month, as all of my show obligations have been met and I'm not under any deadlines right now.
I'm having a VERY hard time getting motivated. I think the winter doldrums have set in...there's barely 4 hours of daylight now. Also, I have a suspicion that I blew all of my fuses in getting ready for my October solo show----since then, it's been a struggle to motivate myself in the studio.
On a brighter note, I just got the check for my art grant (YAY!) and dropped almost a thousand dollars on art supplies! I bought a few things that I've been wanting for years---namely, an easel that can take something bigger than a 2'x2' canvas without falling over.
So exciting!

I'll leave you with a self-portrait taken at the Hirshhorn Museum in D.C.
This exemplifies how I've been feeling lately....a little fragmented. Posted by Picasa