Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year...and some knitting stuff.

2007. I have so many New Year's Resolutions that I had to create sub-catagories for them. Well, okay...they're not really 'resolutions'....more like, things I really want to do that there are no reasons why I haven't done them yet, except for pure laziness or fear, depending on the activity.
I'm tempted to go into details, but I just think it would

On a brighter note, here is a foxy set of Christmas gifts I finished on time! (I realize that I'm linked to some bloggers out there as a knitter, yet I never talk about/post about my knits....) This set is for, in order from left to right: Brother-in-law, Sister, and their Daughter. Get the joke? Niece's hat is a mixture of the parents because of her genetic combination.
I am so funny and clever....
Sadly, only Neice's hat fit! The other two were too small, as I'd judged the sizes based on my own head and, yikes....I guess I have a small skull.

Gift for my sister for her birthday. She is a much more prolific knitter than I am, so I am giving quite a bit of my stash to her. I'm feeling the need to unload some stuff, clear out my closets, clean up my studio and get......current. Too much old stuff laying around, stuffed in drawers and boxes. Out with the old, in with the new. And what will be the new? All of the art I must make for my shows this year, and my studio is a cluttered mess......

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1 comment:

bugheart said...

great knitting present
for your sister...
sorry to hear the hats
didn't all fit...
i have
the opposite problem...
my skull is big
so my hats
are often too big
for the recipient!
happy new year
good luck
with the resolutions/
new year's to do...
i have the same
kind of list...