Monday, January 29, 2007


Frommage did a 10K race on Saturday---5K classic and 5K skate. He was exhausted afterwards but had a great time----it was an exciting race. A sandwich and 2 beers cured his tiredness and we went out for a 10K ski with friends that afternoon.

That evening was sushi at a friends house----they have become artists in the creation of beautiful sushi! It was the best homemade I've ever had.

And now, you must look at this flower AGAIN. Phalaenopsis 'Brother Sara Gold.' This orchid is rocking my world this week.

While watering all of the orchids (10) I found the Maxillaria tenuifolia cranking out some blossoms. This is an unusual orchid in my herd in that the blossoms emerge right alongside the pseudobulbs, rather than on a bloom spike. The indiviudal blooms smell like candied coconut. Talk about an exotic, indulgent experience in the middle of winter in Alaska.

Art? No update....still messing with the big painting. The damned thing told me to put in all sorts of other colors, and I did, with pure trust in my heart. Then I looked at what I'd done, got scared and ran. (This happens.) I need to go back into the studio and work for several hours at a time to cross the next event horizon with this painting.
But when?
Today I'm off to help Frommage with a survey job. Probably 5 hours walking, digging and standing in the snow. I like the principals of land surveying and the end result...and even the process in the field, but the math makes my mind turn to it's not the career for me.

Off to work in the snowy field.... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

mmm... suuuushi...

Anonymous said...

I kept trying to make the orchid photo bigger, like it would magically appear in my room if I clicked it enough. It's a stunner alright!