Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years....resolutions?

Okay, let's talk about the whole New Year's Resolutions idea. A new year = a new beginning, right? Time to turn over a new leaf, time to try harder, time to finally fix...whatever. I am an inveterate list maker, so NYR's are more an opportunity to write things down than an organized attack on what I see as my shortcomings.

I did put a lot of things on the list.
How many?
22, to be exact.
These are all organized into sub-catagories like:
"New Stuff," "Art Stuff," Home Stuff," and "Personal Stuff."

Here's the deal:
I'll tell you some of my NYR's and you tell me some of yours.
I am so curious to find out what motivates other people...what other folks want to change about themselves, their habits, their life....

A few of my NYR's are....
Learn Diving...on my list for about 3 years now...
Go on a Bicycle Tour...why haven't I done this yet??
Be frugal again....which ties in with
Pay off debts as much as possible
Make art website....about frikkin' time
Dress better....can I be more than a jeans and sweater girl?
Do more new things...because I rely on the familiar WAY TOO MUCH
Make some new friends...because all of my 'old' ones have scattered to the winds

Okay, your turn.
If your're reading this, click on the 'comments' below and tell me your NYR's. Feel free to be anonymous....but satisfy my curiosity!

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bugheart said...

my resolution is
one big one
that encompasses
many small ones-
not biting off more
than i can chew...
so that includes:
- buying less
- promising to do less
- finishing projects
- before i move
onto the next
(crucial with knitting)
. . .
i like the dressing up
{did you like the vests,
i get stuck in
a cords + tee rut

Anonymous said...

I have always made a resolution to be more adventurous but I usually fall short. Maybe I will learn to scuba dive this year too! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I like the bike tour resolution - I keep fantasizing about that one, too. I want to bike the Mountains to the Sea Trail here in NC one fall. But buying less stuff will most likely rise to the top for me, and being a better friend (keeping in touch, remembering birthdays, calling instead of just thinking about calling...)

bike&beer said...

well, this may be a bummer, but i don't do nyr's... i am a kind of do-it-now person... i usually do the stuff i want to do right then when i have a chance. some of them take longer than others... i find that making the nyr's is adding to a list of things that you never get around to doing... and therefore it is very likely to lead to frustration. hmmm... maybe that's not what you were looking fwd to hearing, huh? but believe me, i will be doing lots of fun and good stuff this year! i just know it :-))) how's that for a resolution? happy new year!

Eero said...

Oooohhh, I love comments. I'm thinking a lot about the "buy less stuff" resolution as well. Basically, I want to cut down on my trash-making.
There is NO recycling where I live and it breaks my heart.....

bike&beer said...

ok, here's a secret... well, not so secret, but still. i am a planner. BIG time planner. which means making lists of what to take on this trip, what to buy on that store, what to do today... sometimes to a sickening level.
but when it comes to life, i don't think i can plan things. ain't that weird? at best, i can hope for things, and try to work for them to happen. every day.
my job pays a really low salary, considering my skills and training. i used to be a tenured professor. BUT... i chose my current job (more like a tech level) because it has what i love and lacks what i hate. right before hiring me (and after telling me he really wanted me for the job) my boss told me about all the shortcomings that would come with this job. i said "ok, i understand, but this is what i want to do."
so, i could be making twice as much, but be half as happy. what matters most? being happy. of course, in the art field it is so different. but still. doing what you love, that's what it is about. if you follow your heart, you can't go wrong. i have a feeling you are doing it, no matter how :-)

Carson said...

ooo geez sorry to disappoint but I just don't do the resolutions thing.
I mean it's great to have goals but why set oneself up for disappointment? For eg:
the dog park is suddenly full of joggers in the morning..that'll last til feb then drop back to its normal level.
But I do comment ;)

cochabamba said...

i love the bike tour thing.
i have been meaning to do that myself for a long time, but sadly, never have. my only resolution is that when i am spending time with my infant son, to be present in the moment and be there completely for him, like not think about all the stuff i should be doing instead of changing diapers. instead of stressing out about what i could/should be doing, appreciate what i AM doing and doing it for my darling boy.

Anonymous said...

eliminate clutter, do what i know i should be doing instead of procrastinating, keep the kitchen sink free of dirty dishes, read more, exercise more, drink less (vino), don't make a bunch of sock orphans, write more letters vs. email (i have a lot of stamps), practice discipline, build some structure, adopt some better habits.

Anonymous said...

My resolutions are:
(1) To introduce more beetroot into bedroom foreplay;
(2) To give Paris Hilton a wedgie;
(3) Befriend a large fish (e.g. such as a pike);
(4) Persuade Bono from U2 that he should stop being so moralistic about poverty until he gets round to paying taxes himself [4.5. and stop wearing silly hats and glasses];
(5) Hanglide naked off a large cliff in Rio
(6) Assist wonderfully cool Alaskan couple to go on bike trip of a lifetime.

Happy New Year
RaymondoVagabondo, London

Anonymous said...

I got to do resolutions this year after a break. I'm motivated by goals - if I don't have them, I'm quite content to drift and drift. Here's a short list:

-To finish "setting up" my studio by the end of January '07

-develop a lecture on Saturn by May for an astrological conference (whether I wrangle a speaking position or not)

-track my health issues - quarterly ultrasounds, regular blood tests, regular workouts

-continue to consistently reach out to friends setting up regular visits through the year when possible

Thanks for the invite to comment :> Sometimes it takes that to get comfy!