Monday, January 22, 2007

Newness, progress, and all that good stuff....

Introducing......Phalaenopsis 'Brother Sara Gold.' The first bloom on this plant since it's been in my care. I'm just in love with it's hot fuchsia lower lip----it's almost a glowing lavender. I repotted this orchid last November and it almost immediately responded with the start of a bloom spike. satisfying.

Frommage became lured into a little bit of orchid care today when I pointed out the scale insects that are STILL affecting my DTPS. Taisuco Pixie x Taisuco Candy. No buggies on the leaves, but I am consistently finding new ones on the blossoms. Here, Frommage is wiping them off with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alchohol. This is the best method I've found for localized infestations. After finding a larger, more adult scale, we looked at it under our microscope. We could see it's nascent young inside of it like little jelly beans. Creepy buggers. Scale insects are bad news for orchids. They can seriously undermine the plant's health and are very difficult to entirely eradicate once they've moved in. Mine showed up with a tiger orchid directly from Hawaii......I didn't quarantine the plant away from the others as I should've, making a lot more work for myself in the long run.

Drumroll, please.......
The easel is here! It's hardwood, with some kind of lemony finish that is currently perfuming my studio. Here I am, settling into the construction process...

Here it is, entire, with current painting in place. Having this easel makes me feel like I've taken some giant leap's hard to describe. I've made some kind of new commitment to painting with this one piece of furniture. It's a great realization that I have an easel that I can use for the rest of my life. Every time I walk into the studio, I pass by the easel and quickly touch it with one hand---feel the wood, remind myself it's real, tell it that we are going to have some really good times together. Oh yeah, baby!

One must have the right tools to do specific kinds of work----and all of the tools I've had up until this point in my art-making career were working fine.....until I went BIG. A 4'x4' painting on board needs some support. Rather than attach a wooden support to my studio wall---which I considered very seriously, I realized that the mobile easel was the best way to go. I have my studio in our house, and to be truthful to you, oh, readers in the blogosphere.....I think it's getting too small for me. I've made so much art in the last year---and now I'm making such big art---that I feel like I need a bigger space. Not in our budget right now, however.

For now---I am totally happy with the easel.
Hmmmm....perhaps I should name it.

Did a couple hours of painting today on "Full Harvest." It's yanking my chain a little. Sometimes, a painting will talk to me in a really obscure it's playing games with me. It's as if it is telling me a stupid joke and withholds the punchline until it figures I've begged enough (=hours of work painting). On occasion, I've felt like a painting's spirit (for lack of a better term) was dancing around me in a circle like a bratty little kid with it's tongue stuck out yelling, "Nyeah! Nyeah-neah, neah, neah!" Fighting these paintings NEVER WORKS. I have to become very mature, very self-controlled and very analytical. I have to work clinically on the composition or color until the yelling and teasing stops.

Sure, you think I sound a little nuts.
If you're an artist reading this, you don't.

Tell me your experiences with painting.
I love comments.
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Anonymous said...

I love comments too, Eero; thank you for yours! So nice to meet you and read about you and your art. Your paintings are delicate and beautiful. I wish I could see more of them.

One of my best friends just moved last year from Florida to Anchorage and is loving Alaska.

bugheart said...

i can't believe
what luck
you have
with your orchids
(even with
scale insects)...
can't wait
to see you
in seattle.

Anonymous said...

oh my! that orchid!!! you are an amazing orchid caretaker. congrats on the easel, it is dreamy.

cochabamba said...

i know what you mean.
struggling against a painting is as futile as trying to explain to a baby that he needs to stop crying. patience helps.

wait till you see my painting table, while we are talking about studio furniture. its my greatest creation. after years of dissatisfaction with painting tables, i made my own. its perfect.

bike&beer said...

i wish i had the inspiration and skills to be an artist. art blows me away, how someone can create things so amazing. my art is science i suppose... it is not without merit, and i love it, but it's by far less enticing -- and usually less beautiful -- than art. i guess together we all make the world our world, right? congrats on the new easel, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! A new easel! I'm still digging out of my studio, with an increasing hunger for solitude *there's that word again* and painting time. Thanks for sharing your new acquisition & the orchid looks like a blessing. Hope Frommage tore up those bugs!