Friday, January 19, 2007

The Questionnaire.....

I'm stealing this list of questions directly from GirlCanCreate---a new, interesting blogger I stumbled across...after finding mati rose mcdonough, too.

"Best of Times, Worst of Times"
1. What is the best place you've ever lived? The worst?

The best place I've ever lived is my house, right now. My husband and I built this house together with our own hands, no contractor! We made every decision together, from floor plan to light fixtures. We learned a lot about our aesthetics, our work ethics, our marriage....

And the house turned out beautifully. Lots of light and air. Every wall, room, cupboard and window has memories for both of us. We have 5 acres of woods around the house, too, so it's very private. And the best part? We found a 5 1/2' clawfoot bathtub and restored it. It's awesome, especially since we lived for 2 years in a cabin without running water before we finished the house. This place makes me feel like a princess.

The worst place I've ever lived is a daylight basement apartment we rented from a man who was a raging alchoholic who abused his dog. After we'd lived there only a couple of weeks, his Chow named China slept on the mat outside our door with her leg caught in her collar---she didn't go to him, she came to me for help, even though he'd owned her for years. One day I was talking to the guy outside the house and I was petting China---her belly was HUGELY distended. I asked if he'd noticed this and he said, "Uh, yeah...I think she might be pregnant." (DUH, you stupid M***ther F***er!!!) He never let China in the house and she had to dig a hole in a side hill out in the woods to have her puppies---oh, did I mention it was early winter in Alaska and it was only +10F out?
I HATED living in this place because of his screaming, drunken rages over our heads at night and witnessing the abuse of that beautiful dog and her puppies. We stuck it out there for 2 months, long enough so I could take care of the 9 puppies she had---making sure they had supplemental food (China, too) and they were weaned enough to be adopted.
Definitely a bad living situation....

2. What's the best vacation/holiday you've ever taken? The Worst? Well, 3 years ago Frommage and I went to Hawaii and rented a VW camper van and lived in that for 9 days on the Big Island. I LOVED sleeping in the van. I loved traveling around in our own little house. I loved Hawaii.....

The worst?
Well, it wasn't a vacation, really, but a camping/fishing trip with friends when I was 21. I'd had my wisdom teeth out a week before but I had 2 dry sockets (read: extremely painful). My new boyfriend and I went with my best friend and her (2nd) boyfriend to fish in Chitina, about 150 miles away. We took my friend's 1st boyfriend's car, a pickup, and me and partner had to ride in the bed the whole way....did I mention the dry sockets?
While there, the boys went off and crashed the truck, nearly driving over a 300 ft. steep embankment....okay, it was a cliff. My friend and I fished all day, caught one salmon, which we had to give away when the, shame-faced guys showed up, sans truck and gear.
I remember that we drove back home all night in the banged up truck....I and partner, in the truck bed again. I slept during the drive, to wake to the truck rocking strangely...even though the engine was turned off........somthin' goin' on in da front get the idea. Kinda funny to look back on that whole thing.

3. The best job you've ever had...and the worst?
The best job? Hmmmm. I can easily think of the worst....but the best....
Well, I'll just have to say the seasonal work I've been doing for four years at a local greenhouse/nursery. I LOVE working with plants and dirt. I love athletic jobs. (I have a high metabolism and can't sit still for very long...) I work with like-minded women who are tough and adventurous and smart. We all like getting dirty, we all eat like horses, we all love plants. My boss is an incredibly trusting, fun and clever person whom I admire.

The worst: Oregon Historical Society as a "Project Photographer." I was hired to print 300 glass negatives in a small darkroom all by myself in the corner of a warehouse. All the other employees had worked there for decades and one told me that I would never fit in or be respected unless I worked there at least 5 years. I made a pittance for a professional tech---$9.15 an hour, I think. I was horrifically lonely and bored out of my skull. I quit 6 months into the year long project.

4. What is your best talent/ability? Your worst?
My best talent is my creativity. It applies not only to creating things, art, crafts, house building, etc. but also to problem solving. I can think around corners and through difficult places.

My worst? Well, heh, heh....these days I'm starting to think that my worst side is my social skills. I am just having the hardest time having a decent conversation with anyone except for husband or cat.
But really.....worst talent/ability.....
I can't sing for shit.

5. What's the best decision you ever made? The worst?
Best decision: Marrying Frommage.
Worst decision: Not getting a lot more education in my 20's.

Bonus info: Tell us something about you that you want to share with the world:

When Frommage and I were engaged, I cooked meals that were so bad he spit the food back out onto his plate after one bite. Serious! No joke! I was one BAD cook!

And now---after 6 years of dilligent practice, I can proudly say I am a BADASS cook.
I am a good cook. And Frommage loves me for it. Posted by Picasa


cochabamba said...

iam honored to know that i was part of the worst trip you ever had. o ne small correction, however. i was not driving the truck when it went off the cliff. i was a little tipsy, yes, but in the passenger seat. in fact, i was the brave soul who climbed down the cliff to where the truck was precariously perched against a tree and got our stuff out of the back. it was an interesting trip, that was for sure. not the worst i ever had. in fact, i think disasters like that can make a trip much more fun. the last trip i went on was to hawaii. a lot of sitting around on the beach and drinking pina coladas. nothing exciting happened. pretty dull, really.

Eero said...

As far as the worst trip....that one was all I could think of! Perhaps there have been other, worse adventures, but I've erased them from memory....

bugheart said...

you two
are funny.

i love
the stories