Sunday, March 04, 2007

The art opening in Seattle....

Here's a shot from Joe's opening in Seattle. He made
several good sales that day. His paintings are oils on
canvas and board---very lush, vistas of
abstract shapes that call to mind underwater
plant life........

That's Joe on the far left.
(Did I mention he's an exboyfriend?
It was so wild to see him again---married,
new baby son, home owner.....)

I got to see many old friends....
kind of like a reunion....

and then,
a good party afterwards at a nearby bar.

Bugheart and the nifty Canadian women, Jen and Christine.

Bugheart talking to Ed. I love this shot! The curve
of their backs, the contrasting patterns.....
and the tattoo....

And of course, the star of the evening, Joe.
Very happy and pretty drunk that night.

Being with all of my old friends was a fascinating
experience. I felt so completely at home----which
doesn't happen often for someone as tightly strung
as I usually am.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of our friends Jan
and Neal who made it to the opening. They are fellow
people of the earth: builders, musicians, artists.

Now, back home, I miss all of these old friends all
over again.

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bike&beer said...

so happy to see photos again, albeit uploaded in a boring manner ;-) the final result is still good! i too upload from my computer. i fidgeted with flickr but decided to give up. actually, with the new blogger, uploading got better! since i migrated, i haven't had a lockup yet... (knock on wood!)