Friday, March 09, 2007

Art update...

I realized that I haven't finished many paintings this
I've been working steadily on art and art-related
business: life drawing classes, learning how to set
up my website (still in the works) organizing
shows and applying for juried exhibitions.

But actual paintings? Not too many.

The picture above is a small glimpse of a finished work,
mixed media on birch board, 4'x4'. It's not as stellar
as I thought it would be...this happens....but it's still
good. Not a dud.

I learned a lot about working large....up until now,
my paintings haven't been bigger than 22" x 30".

Here is a partial view of another finished piece---
no title for it yet. I'm considering this one to send
to the "Sticks & Stones" invitational at the Kenai
Covention and Visitors Bureau this summer....gotta
send it out this weekend, whatever painting I choose.
The premise is Alaskan artists response to the
landscape or how the human presence fits into the
AK landscape.
Nice, broad subject matter to interpret!

Anyway---the painting above is 22" x 30", mixed
media on paper. I'll frame it with a simple, gold
metal frame under plexiglass. It turned out a little....
quirky. Most likely because it sat on the easel for
a LONG time, and lost it's original momentum.
I'm finding, more and more, that my paintings in
progress can't wait too long for completion or they
get garbled...their original message or purpose
gets muddled.....
Know what I mean, fellow artists?

Guess what!? THE SHAPE has taken on a new incarnation!
This is the next embodiment of my obsession.
Ooooohhhh, I can't even tell you how much fun and
how good it felt to draw these....hanks.
I am thinking of this combination of lines and the
shape as my own visual illustration of a decision.

4' x4' on baltic birch plywood, mixed media tissue
collage with acrylic (so far).

Here are the decision hanks in their line-up,
the basic underpainting, as simple as it is,
ready to be added to.
I hope to make a lot of progress on this painting
this weekend.
This one REALLY excites me.....
This will be one of my paintings for the May exhibit,
"9 North." At least, that's the plan.....
With art, there is always a margin for....not error,
not, let's say...a change in plans.

Those hank shapes are just rocking my world....


Jill said...

Love the paintings.

I just found a piece of your bivy sack that I forgot to send. I think they are stakes. So sorry! I will send along soon.

Thanks again,

Philip said...

Yes I agree. If I don't finish a painting within reasonable time I lose all interest. I try very hard not to let that happen now.

Working on a large scale can be fun. The largest I do is 6' x 4' but they are very time consuming. I am looking forward to a break form big paintings and concentrating on small stuff this year.

Lili said...

This work makes me think of jungle life- dripping leaves and warm places. Perhaps I'm just projecting what I'd like to see!