Friday, March 02, 2007

Garden rock at the Frye Museum

Garden rock at the Frye Museum
Originally uploaded by Alaskan Eero.

Testing again...

This time, I'm trying out Flickr....but it seems to only want to post one image at a time, and I want to make posts with several images....

Urgh! It's amazing how something so easy suddenly became
so fu%$#@# frustrating! Is blogging WORTH it?

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bike&beer said...

i can feel your pain... i have considered many of those "blog this" links, but overall it was just frustrating... so, i stuck with blogger. i know it's not very practical when you have your pics somewhere else, but it works for me (well, when it works -- let's put is that way ;-) so, hang in there, and i am sure soon we'll see some awesome pics! and thanks for the orchid id on my blog :-)